What happened to project 7?

Ok, so Real Life has intruded on my weekly photo meetup and the other party is unavailable for probably the rest of this month due to visiting relatives demanding her attention 🙂

Therefore the weekly photo project is on hold until she is once again free to join in.

In an effort to avoid things getting sidetracked on my own side I intend to update anyway with a weekly shot which will be non themed but simply my favourite shot taken each week.

As it stands it’s more likely that I will actually go take photos at the weekend but you never know…

In addition I have treated myself to an external flash unit so I hope to learn the use of this in my photography over the coming weeks and months too.

Today’s shot is of the only flowers other than Daffodils in my garden. They look like bluebells to me but have probably got some kind of fancy name. I’m not a gardener, lol. I hope you like!

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